Asus Transformer T100 – Unprofessional Review – Part 2



The hardware

It’s plastic big time. But it’s rather a good one. It’s definitely well assembled, although I had a small misfortune with the volume buttons: they remained pressed down taking ownership of the UI and making the whole thing unusable. Well believe me or not, it “fixed itself on its own” while i was already on the phone with Amazon to have the item replaced:

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Asus Transformer T100 – Unprofessional Review – Part 1



I have recently decided to give Windows8.1 a serious go.

I had previously tried a developers’ release on a regular desktop PC and had experienced the harsh unreadiness of Windows8 for the desktop and the corporate use as whole.

Still Windows8 has some good to show.

First, it’s fast. Used to the ever increasing sluggishness of every windows release I was stunned by the snappy boot time and the extreme responsiveness of the UI.

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Be Geek – Chapter 3 – Getting it to work, and the last word.


Fist thing to do is to update the firmware:

Then, assuming you booted up in the Debian derivative for Raspberry you should update the packages, and this is gonna take forever.

To edit desktop, here there’s all you need:

Then I have installed all the goodies I needed like GPartED and configured the auto-device mount to quickly handles plugged discs. Continue reading

Be Geek – Chapter 1 – The Needs and the Idea


During the Christmas holidays I found myself asked to fix an almost dead laptop. The issue was the dying disc. Facts proved it was a old PATA/ATA 80 gigs 8 years old disc.

I had my tablets (both droids and apples) my smartphones, but… nothing that would allow me to backup, restore and replace the nearly dead unit.

Hence… I decided to provide myself with a “tool” that would save my quail eggs in these situations.

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Prato Chinatown, Sofri di buonismo?


Di nuovo in risposta da un post di Osvaldo Danzi, ho pubblicato un commento:

Dissento integralmente con le idee e i superficiali e volgari giudizi espressi nel pezzo.
Frutto di totale assenza di competenza e conoscenza del fenomeno da parte di chi scrive.

1. I colpevoli NON SIAMO TUTTI!
Concetto che ribadisco ogni volta che posso. NON ESISTONO COLPE O RESPONSABILITA’ di gruppo. Esistono solo ed esclusivamente responsabilità INDIVIDUALI. Esistono SOLO persone, individui, con nome, cognome, residenza, ruolo e contratto CHE SONO RESPONSABILI per ciò che è accaduto, accadeva ed accadrà. Io vivo poco fuori Firenze. Continue reading